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News from the Rainforest - October

 Hatching out!

This month at Taricaya Lodge, our Peru Conservation project, we are pleased to report the hatching of 20 baby turtles. They are currently living at the centre, in a man-made pool covered in surface plants which they love to eat at this age.

There have also been some fantastic sightings from our canopy walkway and new platform at the farm. Several large eagles and hawks have been sighted regularly – hopefully they are looking to nest in the area.

The mahogany project is literally going from strength to strength with the saplings getting taller and stronger everyday, assisted by the fresh rains. Volunteers have also been sampling their own farm produce – including spring onions, bananas, avocados, pumpkin, sweet Just born chillies, limes and papaya.

The volunteers are not the only ones to be enjoying the fresh produce – our latest animal release program resident is a young male tayra (Eira Barbara), a member of the Mustelid family, the same as the otters and weasels. He loves the papayas and bananas! We are sure that with some care he will soon become independent and able to feed himself.

For the full monthly update and more information on Taricaya Lodge click here.

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