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Jamaican Government Recognizes the Work of Projects Abroad

Jamaica staff The work of Projects Abroad in Jamaica has been explained in an article published on the Jamaican Information Services Governmental website.

‘Projects Abroad Country Manager, Bridgette Barrett, speaking at a partnership workshop in Mandeville Manchester yesterday (June 4), said that these include undertakings in the areas of culture, medicine and health care, conservation and the environment particularly in disaster management and agriculture. Residents of the parishes of St. Elizabeth, St. Ann and Manchester are expected to benefit from these initiatives.

The workshop, held at the Golf View Hotel, was attended by more than 40 representatives from various fields and disciplines such as sports, academia, community development, health, child care, parenting associations, local government, among other areas.

Participants in the workshop were introduced to and updated on the work of the local arm of the organization over the last year. They also made suggestions about ways in which projects in Jamaica, undertaken by the group, can be strengthened.’

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