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Juneau Empire October, 2017, Juneau Empire, Juneau, Alaska

“Juneau Empire”

“This year, 12 Juneau teens plan to enact positive change in Nepal.”

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Hometown Weekly  September, 2017, Hometown Weekly, Massachusetts, USA

“Hometown Weekly”

“Gigi Condren (Cambridge School of Weston '19) and Lexie Condren (WHS '16, Bryant University '20) recently spent two weeks volunteering in the Projects Abroad Care & Community program in Vrygrond, South Africa.”

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Orange County August, 2017, Orange County, USA

“The Orange County Register”

“The soon-to-be Santa Margarita Catholic High School junior traveled to Ghana in July, delivering medical supplies for those in need. She also took part in simple medical procedures on patients with leprosy that mostly involved cleaning wounds that had become infected.”

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Inside Toronto  May, 2017, Toronto, Canada

“Inside Toronto”

“A Toronto-based organization is offering Canadians a chance to do something worthwhile on their next family travel adventure.”

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Salmon Arm, Canada  January, 2017, Salmon Arm, Canada

“Education Leads to Africa”

“A kinesiology degree is taking a Salmon Arm resident on an adventure to Africa. Madison Trueman, who calls Salmon Arm home when she isn’t attending UBCO in Kelowna, is embarking on a four-month stay in Tanzania for two practicums. During her time in Tanzania, Trueman will spend two months working alongside physiotherapists at a hospital in Dar es Salaam and then two months teaching primary and secondary school physical education in Arusha, just south of the Kenyan border.”

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Young Post (South China Morning Post)  December, 2016, Young Post (South China Morning Post), Hong Kong

“Volunteer in Africa: because big changes start with little steps”

“Help out at your parent’s work place? Lock yourself up at home to study, study, study? While away the perfect summer days with your friends? One Hong Kong student chose to do none of these things, and did voluntary work in East Africa with Projects Abroad.”

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San Pedro Sun  October, 2016, San Pedro Sun, Belize

“Projects Abroad hosts Health Fair”

“In an effort to promote good health, Projects Abroad hosted a successful health fair at the San Pedro Lions Den on Saturday, October 22nd. The general public was invited to take advantage of an array of free, high quality health services, including, but not limited to: breast exams, lice checks, glucose and blood pressure testing, HIV/AIDS testing, eye exams, brushing and flossing demonstrations, drug information and counseling, and information on how to avoid Zika.”

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The Davis Enterprise  September, 2016, The Davis Enterprise, United States

“Summer program provides teen with medical experience”

“Sarah Thompson, a 16-year-old junior at the Davis School for Independent Study, has been interested in medicine — and surgery in particular — for a while now. Last spring, she started researching online, looking for a summer program where teenagers could immerse themselves in the medical field, and found Projects Abroad. Thompson spent a month in Sri Lanka, where she stayed with a host family, along with a handful of other teens from around the world, and spent her days doing rotations in the local hospital, including emergency medicine, pediatrics and, most importantly for her, surgery.”

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Global  August, 2016, Dentistry Today, United States

"Global Volunteers Bring Dentistry to the Underserved"

"If you’re a dental student who wants to see the world before starting a career, or even a professional who wants to help an underserved community, opportunities are available with Projects Abroad. Each summer, volunteers travel all over the developing world to contribute to a variety of medicine and healthcare projects, including dental work, all under the guidance of local medical personnel."

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Global  August, 2016, Huffington Post, United States

"7 Totally Awesome Gap-Year Ideas for Grownups"

"When it comes to Projects Abroad, “we have one-to-two-week trips specifically for volunteers over 50. These are group trips, so volunteers can meet like-minded people around the same age, and are designed to accommodate the needs and interests of these volunteers,” Cauchois told HuffPost. “Volunteers can work with children, assist with renovation work, or contribute to sustainable development. These take place during the fall and spring, with a few different options in terms of dates."

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Global  July, 2016, The Telegraph, United Kingdom

"Beyond Machu Picchu: 10 amazing ways to see Peru"

"Everyone visits Peru to admire the archaeological sites, and it's not unusual to see excavations taking place even at established ruins. Projects Abroad works with local agencies to arrange working holidays for both amateur and professional archaeologists at sites in Sacsayhuamán, Zurite, Ollantaytambo and Cusco's historical centre and now also at new sites deep in the cloud forest."

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Goodnet  June, 2016, Goodnet, United States

"How to Travel the World and Do Good at the Same Time"

"There’s nothing quite like that first travel experience - heading to a new country and taking in the culture, the sights, the smells and the people. Couple that special vibe with the will to do good, and you’ve got the best parts of Christian Clark’s job at Projects Abroad. In action since the early 1990s, the volunteering organization encourages young people to volunteer for worthwhile work in developing countries."

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Huffington Post  June, 2016, Huffington Post, United States

"Five Gap Year Paths That Will Boost Your Career Prospects"

"A gap year can provide an unparalleled, enriching experience outside of the classroom. The key is to do something valuable with your time, and then highlighting this experience on your resume and during interviews."

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Travel Weekly  May, 2016, Travel Weekly, Travel Weekly

"Gap years have created new opportunities for travel industry"

"President Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, isn’t the only American student putting off her college education to take a gap year. According to companies and organizations that promote the gap year experience, it’s a travel phenomenon that is gaining in popularity stateside and consequently introducing new opportunities for the industry."

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Can-India News  May, 2016, Can-India News, Canada

“How one Canadian profited from a gap year”

We may have an idea through textbook context what may interest us (or what will make our parents happy), and then spend a lot of money pursuing a university or college degree pursuing it, only to realize it may be a waste when we find out it is not the career we can be happy with. The value of self-discovery in a year will have invaluable impact on the average 40 years we spend in the workforce.”

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Huffington Post  May, 2016, Huffington Post, United States

"How To Take A Gap Year, If You’re Just A Regular Person"

“It’s typically easiest to take a gap year after high school, but a break is realistically possible at any stage in the game. We’ve done a bit of digging to serve up what you need to know.”

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International Business Times  May, 2016, International Business Times, United States

"How Will Malia Obama Spend Her Gap Year? Growing Industry of Study, Service Abroad Programs Offers Options"

“The idea of going straight from high school to college to a job for the next 30 or so years has dramatically changed, and it has become much more commonplace to take some time to decide what it is you want to do in life and how you can make that a reality.”

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Woman Tribune  April, 2016, Woman Tribune, United States

"5 Reasons to Intern on a Public Health Project"

“In many of the countries that international volunteer organization Projects Abroad works in, basic primary healthcare infrastructure cannot support the demands of the population. To ease the pressure on these services, it is vital to prevent disease at a community level by providing basic treatments and diagnoses.”

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Usa Today  April, 2016, USA Today, United States

"Change Your Life with Voluntourism"

“There's a lot to be said for lying on a beach for a week. But, let's face it, although you come home rested, nothing's really changed. That's why voluntourism – a trip that combines vacation with volunteering -- has become one of the fastest-growing genres in the travel industry. Not only do you get a chance to visit countries on your bucket list but you get to make a difference in the lives of the people who live there.”

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Business Jet Traveler  March, 2016, Business Jet Traveler, United States

"Lending a hand in a faraway land"

“Travelers have already explored London, Paris, and Rome; played golf on Scottish links; learned how to make pasta in Italy; and watched penguins waddle in Antarctica. Now many have moved beyond sun tanning and sightseeing. They want to continue to enjoy travel but also to use their skills and resources to benefit the places they visit.”

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USA Today  March, 2016, USA Today, United States

"10 volunteer programs to make a difference on spring break"

“Instead of drinking beer and working on their tan, students can spend their spring break helping others.”

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Teen Vogue 2  March, 2016, Teen Vogue, United States

"6 Spring Break Ideas That Allow You to Give Back While You Vacation"

“This Spring Break, take the opportunity to travel and help others, through a volunteer vacation. The combination of volunteering and travel is growing in popularity as an increasing number of companies offer the chance to explore and make a difference.”

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Latin Post  March, 2016, Latin Post, United States

"5 Latin American Destinations Worth Your Altruistic Visit"

“Nowadays, youngsters look forward to Spring break because it is a chance to get away from all the toils of studying and spend time with family and friends out of town or overseas. While that sounds like fun, there may be better ways to enjoy the vacation while doing something to better the lives of others.”

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Teen Vogue  March, 2016, Teen Vogue, United States

"5 Spring Break Ideas That Are Better Than the Beach"

“When you hear the words “Spring Break,” what comes to mind? Sun? Sand? Same ol’, same ol’? If you’ve done the beach scene many times before (or it’s just not your thing), we’ve got some other ideas to inspire your vacation.”

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Fiji Times  February, 2016, Fiji Times, Fiji

"From Fiji to Nepal with love"

“With the genuine desire to help people in need, Ranjila Singh embarked on a journey to a different corner of the world to assist people who were affected by an earthquake.”

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Financial Review  January, 2016, Financial Review, Australia

"Step off the corporate treadmill and save the world with voluntourism"

“At Projects Abroad, Australasian general manager Will Pashley says the mix of projects for experienced and younger volunteers alike – across childcare, education, human rights, conservation, construction and healthcare – is increasingly popular with corporates who get to assist those less fortunate as well as do some sightseeing.”

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Sunny South News  December, 2015, Sunny South News, Canada

“Coaldale’s Bos returns to South Africa to help students”

“Marien Bos, from Coaldale, is once again off to South Africa in the New Year. He wants to raise awareness about the situation there. Last year, Bos had the opportunity to visit the area and volunteer with Projects Abroad and helped local kids with sports at school and spent two weeks working on a building project.”

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Travelers Today  January, 2016, Travelers Today, United States

"Volunteer Trips to Take In 2016"

“Nepal has made a comeback since last year's devastating earthquakes and 2016 is an extraordinary time to witness the country's rebirth and give efforts where it's still needed. In June 2015, Projects Abroad began a calamity relief program across Chitwan, Kathmandu, the Kathmandu Valley and Ghandruk.”

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San Pedro Sun  December, 2015, San Pedro Sun, Belize

"Projects Abroad holds first Christmas camp"

“Projects Abroad, a new organization in San Pedro Town, is holding their first ever Christmas Camp. Being held from December 14th to the 23rd at the Lions Den, the camp is designed for underprivileged children of the island to be able to play and socialize with other children.”

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Fiji Sun  December, 2015, Fiji Sun, Fiji

"Volunteer Group Keeps Children Busy"

“To help prevent students going astray during schools holidays Projects Abroad volunteers have initiated a week-long village school in Nakavu, Nadi.”

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Business Access Television  November, 2015, Business Access Television, Jamaica

"Caring Hands: Projects Abroad"

“Projects Abroad Jamaica recently featured in Business Access Television’s "Caring Hands" series for their contribution to national development.”

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The Ticker Tape  November, 2015, The Ticker Tape, United States

"Take Your Big Heart on the Road: Consider a Volunteer Vacation"

“Christian Clark, deputy director for USA at Projects Abroad, says working with an established program that organizes logistics is the first step to a successful trip. Such organizations have done all the research ahead of time, have secured lodging, and often have local staff available to help volunteers.”

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Solihull Observer October, 2015, Solihull Observer, United Kingdom

"College student reflects on a summer well spent"

“Travelling, adventure and experience is all that’s on teenager Harriet May’s mind as she reflects on a summer well spent volunteering in China. The 18-year-old used her summer months to help out an unprivileged primary school – teaching English to children who had never been taught the language before.”

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The Gleaner October, 2015, The Gleaner, Jamaica

"A treat for the homeless"

“Forty-four-year-old Collin Taylor is now living among the homeless at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on Hanover Street in downtown Kingston, despite a bachelor's degree in culinary arts. He was one of the persons at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter helped by the outreach team Projects Abroad Jamaica yesterday. The team provided grooming and meals to the homeless in six parishes across the island.”

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The Stewardship Report September, 2015, The Stewardship Report, United States

"5 Questions to Ask before Traveling Abroad on Gap Semester"

“The fall semester is in full swing across North America and amid the whirl of classes, assignments, and extra-curricular activities, hundreds of students are already planning ahead for the spring semester. Studying abroad is always a popular choice during the spring and there are many great reasons for joining an international program.”

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The Huffington Post September, 2015, Huffington Post, Australia

"Express Gap Years: The Coming-Of-Age Travel Tradition Is Getting Shorter, More Intense"

“Independent global volunteering travel group Projects Abroad is also seeing an increase in express gap year trips. Program adviser Elanor McCall said young people were increasingly looking for shorter, flexible experiences. "Shorter trips are definitely growing in popularity especially for people at the end of high school," McCall said.”

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Equitrekking September, 2015, Equitrekking, United States

"Voluntourism With Horses"

“Volunteer tourism or voluntourism is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional vacation. Not only can volunteers experience exciting new places and cultures while developing personal growth, they are helping others and contributing to a community.”

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Look to the stars logo September, 2015, Look to the Stars, United States

"Cholita The Real-Life Paddington Bear Gets Her Storybook-Ending"

“Thanks to an overwhelming public response, a new home has been built for Cholita, complete with bathing pool and cave, at the Taricaya Ecological Reserve on the edge of the Tambopata reserve in the Amazon Cloud Forest – the natural habitat for Spectacled bears. The lush, natural jungle habitat was constructed by a team from ADI, Taricaya and Projects Abroad volunteers.”

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Buzzfeed July, 2015, Buzzfeed, United States

"11 Genius Ways To Travel The World When You’re Broke AF"

“There’s a word for this: voluntourism. That’s volunteer + tourism, and it’s very popular in the travel community. It’s basically when you go on a trip to do something that helps the locals — like teaching English as second language, or building houses and schools for communities in need.”

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AFK Insider August, 2015, AFK Insider, Ireland

"More Travelers Requesting Up-Close-And-Personal African Wildlife Experience"

“Judi Gounaris, Conservation Director for Projects Abroad in Botswana said wildlife tourism can benefit conservation and tourism as long as it is managed correctly, but walking with lions ‘only satisfies the ego of the tourist and does nothing for the lion’. Wild animals should only be viewed in the wild or in legitimate sanctuaries with nonbreeding policies where animals have been rescued and could not be returned to the wild, she added.”

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The Royal Gazette August, 2015, The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

"Teenagers watch heart surgery in Argentina"

Bermudians Gianluca, 16, and friend Liam Peniston, 17, watched the surgery as part of a volunteer trip to Argentina with Projects Abroad. "Until I saw the open-heart surgery I didn’t really understand what being a doctor meant," Gianluca said. "I didn’t really take my studies as seriously as I could have. I am going into my last year at Saltus and hadn’t picked a university. Now, I am a lot more serious. I have a purpose.”

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The News Eagle August, 2015, The News Eagle, United States

“Why not send Cameron a birthday gift?”

“During her volunteer trip to Ghana, Cameron decided to gather donations to help expand the maternity ward at Nkawie Government Hospital. The new building, which hospital officials named the Cameron Ausley Carlyle Maternity Theatre, contains an operating room plus additional beds, a bathroom, a scrub room, a nurses' station and a room to hold an incubator for premature babies.”

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Marc the Vet August, 2015, Marc the Vet, United Kingdom

“World Lion Day: Leading voluntary placement company commits to ensuring ‘animal friendly’ offer in wake of Cecil the Lion death”

“One of the world’s leading gap year and voluntary placement providers, Projects Abroad, has publicly committed to doing more to ensure that its international projects are in no way connected to animal cruelty in any form.”

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In the Black August, 2015, In the Black, Australia

“How to be a useful voluntourist”

“With more widespread media coverage of global crises, the number of people volunteering through independent companies or organizations such as UK-headquartered Projects Abroad is increasing.”

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Refinery29 June, 2015, Refinery29, United States

“15 Trips To Take Before You Turn 30”

“We recognize the benefits of giving back and helping others, and tying a travel experience in with a volunteer opportunity is rewarding on a variety of levels.”

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Los Angeles Times May, 2015, Los Angeles Times, United States

“Want to help rebuild Nepal? Projects Abroad is organizing relief trips”

“More than 7,200 people have died in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, and the need for aid continues to be desperate. Projects Abroad is heeding the call for help.”

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Travel Weekly April, 2015, Travel Weekly, United States

“Travel industry aids victims of Nepal earthquake”

“Projects Abroad, a global company founded in 1992 that organizes short-term volunteer programs with projects in 28 countries, is calling for volunteers to help with earthquake recovery work through its Disaster Relief project.”

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The Union April, 2015, The Union, United States

“Ghidotti student to hone surgical skills at Stanford program”

“Sophie McMurry, a junior at Ghidotti Early College High School, has spent the past several years seeking out ways to gain more experience in the medical field. Last summer, she traveled to Tanzania with volunteer organization Projects Abroad. There, she spent a month interning at three different local hospitals, doing significant outreach to increase access to medical care for women in the community. She was recently accepted into a summer internship program at Stanford University’s Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills and Education Center.”

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Orlando Sentinel April, 2015, Orlando Sentinel, United States

“Students looking for a meaningful summer can volunteer abroad”

“High school students seeking a meaningful experience over the summer may wish to look into volunteering abroad. Programs are available that enable students to travel to developing communities and making a positive impact there through volunteer efforts.”

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Rudy Maxa’s World March, 2015, Rudy Maxa’s World, United Kingdom

Thomas Pastrorius, Head of Global Recruitment for Projects Abroad, was a guest at the Rudy Maxa’s World radio show with Rudy Maxa. The interview starts at 24:08.

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OUPblog March, 2015, OUPblog, United Kingdom

“Clinical placement in Nepal: an interview with Ruth Jones”

“In May last year, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, in partnership with Projects Abroad, offered one lucky medical student the chance to practice their clinical skills abroad in an international placement. The winner was Ruth Jones from the University of Nottingham, who impressed the judging panel with her sincerity, dedication, and willingness to become the best doctor she can be. Ruth has decided to take her placement in Nepal.”

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Travel Pulse March, 2015, Travel Pulse, United States

“4 Archaeological Vacations Worth Digging Into”

“Many companies are working with scientific teams around the globe to bring people and history together. These volunteers help with surveying, documenting the landscape and excavating, as well as sampling, cleaning, and processing finds.”

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Caledon Enterprise March, 2015, Caledon Enterprise, Canada

“Bolton student sponsors Kenyan child's education after working vacation in Africa”

“When Bolton sisters Stephanie and Kristine De Jong had the opportunity to get away from this Arctic winter, instead of flying off to sip margaritas on a beach in the Caribbean they opted for volunteering in Kenya with Projects Abroad.”

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Los Angeles Times February, 2015, Los Angeles Times, United States

“Want to give high school students the world? Projects Abroad can help”

“Gap years have become popular for high school students who want to take a year off and see the world before starting college. But for students short on time who want a meaningful travel experience, Projects Abroad can fill the gap.”

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International Business Times February, 2015, International Business Times, United States

"Alternative Spring Breaks 2015: 5 Volunteer Opportunities For Building Homes, Teaching Youth At Cool Destinations"

“Still not sure how to spend your upcoming spring break? Consider volunteering. Several non-profit organizations have alternative spring breaks where college students and other young adults can help the less fortunate.”

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“Orphan returns to Romania”

“Daniela Brown knows first-hand what it is like to live in an orphanage. She was born in in Romania and raised in one until she was adopted by New Zealanders Rod and Jeanette Brown at age three. This year, the 27-year-old Matakatia resident is returning to Romania to explore her roots and help other orphans with organization Projects Abroad.”

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The Bolton News January, 2015, The Bolton News, United Kingdom

“Woman lives off 80p a day for a week”

“A dedicated volunteer has raised hundreds of pounds for impoverished communities in Kenya — by living off 80p a day for a week. Sally Shephard lived below the international poverty line to raise money for Mattumaini, a project dedicated to the development of the community in the slums of Nakuru, the fourth largest town in Kenya.”

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Logo January, 2015, The Weal, Canada

“Discover uncharted territory”

“There are numerous opportunities available to young Canadians who have the desire to travel and explore international cultures and destinations. Depending on a person’s tastes, their next spring break could involve learning Arabic and volunteering with children in Morocco. Projects Abroad offers an ‘alternative spring break’ program that provides options for alternate ways to spend reading week.”

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Logo January, 2015, Independent Online, South Africa

“Parents weigh value of gap year”

“Taking a gap year can give a school leaver perspective on what career path they want to follow, said Aimee Bishop of Projects Abroad, adding that it could also offer them a good chance to further their understanding of the working world.”

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Her Campus  December, 2014, Her Campus, United States

“5 Productive Ways to Spend a Gap Year”

“Taking a break doesn’t have to mean sitting around on the couch with Netflix all day either; there are plenty of productive and even life-changing ways you can spend your gap year. Read on for five productive things to do during your year off.”

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Logo December, 2014, La Voz, Argentina

“Foreign Volunteers travel to protect the woods and its wild life”

“At the Pumakawa Reservoir, in Calamuchita, every year young European volunteers arrive to do some conservation work for a few months. In between adventure and exchange, the NGO benefits.”

["En la reserva Pumakawa, en Calamuchita, reciben cada año a jóvenes europeos que llegan para trabajar como colaboradores varios meses. Entre la aventura y el intercambio, la ONG se beneficia."]

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Logo December, 2014, Orlando Sentinel, United States

“Making service vacations part of New Year's travel resolutions”

“College students looking to spend spring break or other school breaks during 2015 in a meaningful way while exploring a new destination may wish to check out opportunities with Projects Abroad.”

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Logo December, 2014, Make it Better, United States

“Projects Abroad Lets Teens and Adults See the World While Giving Back”

“Many people have goals to see the world and also to make a difference by helping others. Projects Abroad is making it possible for participants to do both at the same time.”

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Logo December, 2014, Huffington Post, United States

“Crazy Fun Gap-Year Ideas For Grownups”

“Gap years truly are, with apologies to that old Coca-Cola ad, the ‘pause that refreshes.’ But until recently, they -- like youth -- were wasted on the young. While plenty of students take a gap year before starting college, there are several gap year programs that are geared for the retired or about-to-be retired.”

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Logo December, 2014, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica

“Modern toilets for Richmond Primary”

“The international private volunteer organization, Projects Abroad, recently handed over flush toilet facilities to Richmond Primary School. The modern sanitation system replaced age-old pit toilets, which are being gradually phased out at schools across Jamaica.”

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Logo November, 2014, Above the Law, United States

“1Ls: Why You Should Do A Service Internship Abroad”

“Former volunteer Emily D. explains, ‘I learned more in my month of interning at the Projects Abroad Human Rights office than I ever could have imagined. It was the first time in my life when I felt like I was doing tangible work, and at the same time, I was actually touching the lives of people.’”

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Logo November, 2014, Noodle, United States

“A Guide to Community Service for Busy High School Students”

“Instead of lying around on the couch playing video games or hanging out at the mall during your breaks, use the time to get in your community service. Find a short term activity that you can do over the breaks, like working abroad. Projects Abroad has High School Specials, a program which offers follows a schedule of taught sessions, hands-on and observational service work, as well as evening activities and weekend excursions.”

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Logo November, 2014, Orlando Sentinel, United States

"Strategies for a Gap Year"

“Students who would like to put their college career on hold to travel around the world a gap year can enjoy a life-changing experience particularly if some of the time is used to volunteer abroad. Here are some tips to consider from Projects Abroad, an international volunteer organization that has been sending gap year students abroad to more than 25 destinations on six continents since the mid-90s.”

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Logo November, 2014, All Africa, Ethiopia

"My Children Abroad"

“Aster Dergu and her family are very different from other families in one aspect. The family have, since November 2007, opened their house to foreigners working in Ethiopia as volunteers for an organization called Projects Abroad. Aster says that they have hosted about 400 volunteers from all over the world so far. All of them have imparted her some experiences and values, which she uses every day."

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Advancing Philanthropy October, 2014, Advancing Philanthropy, United States

“Volunteering Around the World”

“Volunteers go through a thorough orientation, but despite the amount of training and pre-departure information that Projects Abroad provides, managing volunteers’ expectations is a key part of the job”

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Logo October, 2014, Fiji Village, Fiji

"Projects Abroad NGO repaints part of Lautoka Hospital"

“Volunteers who come from all corners of the globe are painting the waiting room of the Dental Clinic and the Children’s ward’s ‘Mother Room’ with brightly colored arts and craft with the hope of spreading laughter and smiles to the children of the hospital.”

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Logo October, 2014, Niagara This Week, Canada

"Grimsby team ready for mission trip"

“Grade 11 Grimsby teen, Genevieve Mindorff, is planning a mission trip to Morocco next summer with the help of Projects Abroad, working with children as an educational assistant in a care center. For the first time, she will be staying with a family in Morocco for the entirety of her trip. “It will be even more of an authentic experience,” said Mindorff.”

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Logo October, 2014, Daily Maverick, South Africa

"Combating the global epidemic of prison overcrowding"

“Maria Mulindi is Program Manager for Projects Abroad’s Human Rights Project in South Africa (PAHRO), and her experience working with refugees and, more recently, Pollsmoor inmates has given her excellent insight into the prison underworld and the ramifications of the overcrowding problem.”

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Masthead Main October, 2014, The Examiner, Australia

"Desire to conquer poverty prompts Fijian trip"

"One student’s desire to help others is taking her to Fiji. Maddy Bunton, 16, is traveling to the island in December to spend two weeks with disadvantaged locals. Traveling to a village near Pacific Harbour she will be teaching English, renovating buildings, and working with children."

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Wysetclogo September, 2014, WYSE Travel Confederation, The Netherlands

"Leading Players In The Youth Travel Industry Celebrated At Global Youth Travel Awards 2014 Ceremony"

"The winners of the Global Youth Travel Awards 2014 were announced during the concluding event of the 23rd World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Conference. The winner of the Extraordinary Experience award was Cillian McGorman and Projects Abroad from Dunshaughlin in County Meath who, aged just 15, started fundraising for his class to volunteer in eastern Ghana. Cillian’s vision inspired the group of ten students and two teachers to spend a life-changing experience volunteering in each of an agricultural project and orphanage in Akuapem Hills."

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Wander Magazine August, 2014, Wander Magazine, United States

"Volunteerism: For Those Looking to Travel and Give Back"

"If you’re looking to make an impact on the environment, Projects Abroad is playing an important role in contributing to the preservation of the earth. With ten Conservation & Environment projects on four continents, Projects Abroad is making great strides in conservation work and promoting environmental awareness in communities around the world, with the help of dedicated volunteers."

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The Gleaner August, 2014, The Gleaner, Jamaica

"Bookworm Kadisha Gets Scholarship"

"Made possible through the company Projects Abroad, Kadisha Mitchell received a total of J$30,000 to help offset school fees, among other expenses."

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The Huffington Post June, 2014, Huffington Post, United States

“10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining the Peace Corps”

“Despite the attention from the press, TV references and endless information available about joining the Peace Corps, most of us still wish there were a few things someone had told us about our service before we decided to join.”

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El Paso Inc. Southwest Senior June, 2014, El Paso Inc. Southwest Senior, United States

“Senior volunteers go global with Projects Abroad”

“Whether they’re tackling the issue of human rights abuse in Jamaica, building a new school for Maasai children in Tanzania, or helping disadvantaged communities in India overcome poverty and start businesses, senior volunteers and those of all ages can get involved in these impactful opportunities.”

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Vancouver Sun June, 2014, Vancouver Sun, Canada

"Summer internships allow students to sharpen skills, explore the world"

"These programs are designed to help graduates develop skills in a particular field by working alongside local professionals an intern and helping as needed. With internships in many fields, graduates from all backgrounds are sure to find something to suit their interests and career plans."

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Wysetclogo May, 2014, USA Today, United States

"Delay college for a gap year"

“As a growing number of students are discovering, taking time off between high school and college can not only make you a more interesting person, it also might make you a better student. As Hage says, "There is no better education than having the world as your teacher."

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Radio Canada International May, 2014, Radio Canada International, Canada

"Volunteer in the field and the country of your choice"

"Maryse Jobin a voulu en savoir davantage sur ce volontariat où il faut défrayer les coûts de son stage. Elle s’est entretenue avec Émile Kinley-Gauthier, conseiller de programmes chez Projects Abroad Canada."

["Maryse Jobin was interested in learning more about this particular type of volunteering for which you have to cover the cost of your internship. She discussed it with Emile Kinley-Gauthier, Program Advisor at Projects Abroad Canada."]

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Teen Vogue May, 2014, Teen Vogue

“5 Impressive Things You Can Do Instead of Being an Intern”

“Volunteering gives you the chance to not only contribute to a worthwhile cause and give back, but also work on something you personally feel strongly about. A volunteer opportunity is also a way to explore a role that's in line with your professional goals: administrative work for management interests, accounting for finance, thrift shop or clothing bank positions for fashion and retail, and so on.”

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College Recruiter May, 2014, College Recruiter, United States

“International Internships Available to Recent College Graduates this Summer”

“It has become increasingly popular over the years for recent college graduates to embark on a summer trip abroad before entering the workplace. Many graduates are interested in traveling with a purpose, and want to do something meaningful with their time. International volunteer organization Projects Abroad offers a variety of internships in several disciplines that give graduates a worthwhile experience abroad for the summer while also enhancing their resumes.”

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The Chippewa Herald May, 2014, The Chippewa Herald, United States

“Chippewa Falls woman is Africa bound to help needy”

“Christiana Bohl figured out her passion early in life. She’s going all the way to Africa to chase it. ‘I’ve always wanted to do a mission trip,’ said the 19-year-old Chippewa Falls native. Starting in August, Bohl will spend nine months in Ghana with Projects Abroad, an organization that sends volunteers over the world. While there, she will work at an orphanage in Accra, Ghana’s capitol.”

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The University of Tennessee April, 2014, The University of Tennessee, United States

“COE Hosts 2014 Alternative Spring Break in Jamaica”

“Six University of Tennessee students traveled to inland Jamaica, to Mandeville in the Manchester Parish, for the second annual COE Alternative Spring Break. Five engineering students (from majors civil, chemical, aerospace, computer science, and mechanical) were joined by an honors student double-majoring in economics and philosophy.”

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Going On Faith April, 2014, Going On Faith, United States

“New Volunteer Opportunities with Projects Abroad”

“Church groups looking for new volunteer opportunities can consider building a school for Tanzanian Maasai children, helping impoverished communities start businesses in India or choosing another of Projects Abroad’s new volunteer opportunities.”

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“Projects Abroad Offers Global Service Programs for High School Students”

“Teenagers get involved in all sorts of projects that range from environmental conservation, to public health campaigns, child and animal care, human rights initiatives and more. The organization sees an increasing number of teens wanting to volunteer abroad and its High School Special programs aim to channel this energy into ways for young volunteers to benefit both its host communities abroad and themselves through service work and cultural exchange.”

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Jamaica Observer April, 2014, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica

“Manchester home for 40 more HIV-infected children”

“The flagship project of international volunteer organization, Projects Abroad Jamaica and the BrigIT Water Foundation in Australia is slated to provide — in a family and home setting — health care and meet the social and psychological needs of 40 children without legal guardian and support, and 20 women who have been ostracized by their families.”

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Orlando Sentinel February, 2014, Orlando Sentinel, United States

“Spring break trips with a difference”

“For college students, Projects Abroad Alternative Spring Break Trips are one-week volunteer projects that align with most major U.S. universities' spring breaks. You can mix with the locals, living and working in communities on a variety of projects and activities, from teaching English to caring for youngsters in orphanages, taking part in community improvement projects or conservation efforts.”

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Observer Reporter February, 2014, Observer Reporter, United States

"Six to study abroad under Vira Heinz scholarship program"

“Limback, an early childhood education major from Mars, will study in Cuzco, Peru, through Projects Abroad, one of the world’s leading international volunteer organizations…Shindelar, a human services major from Bemidji, Minn., will travel to Brasov, Romania, also through Projects Abroad. She will volunteer at an orphanage and take two online summer courses…Blankenbuehler, a mathematics major from West Newton, will spend her summer in Southern India through Projects Abroad. There, she will teach English and mathematics to students.”

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Campus Circle February, 2014, Campus Circle, United States

"Travel News, Tips & Tricks for Spring 2014"

“Projects Abroad offers students on break from full-time study a chance to do volunteer work overseas on a short-term basis. Their latest venture is two projects, bringing clean water to rural communities in the East African nation of Tanzania.”

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Goodnet December, 2013, Goodnet, United States

“7 Specialty Volunteer Organizations to Discover”

“Projects Abroad matches volunteers with a tremendous range of projects worldwide. They cater to all different folks aged 16 to 75, and offer various fields of volunteering - from performing arts and archeology to teaching and building.”

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International Business Times November, 2013, International Business Times, United States

“How To Help The Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan As A Volunteer Or Tourist”

“Projects Abroad, which had a presence on the ground in the affected area before the storm hit, sent its first set of volunteers in this week and said the response has been tremendous. All volunteers must commit to a minimum of two weeks and pay their own way (though accommodation is provided with a host family in an undamaged home).”

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Market Watch November, 2013, Market Watch, United States

“Best holiday temp jobs for boomers”

“’Volunteers can teach English, work at an orphanage or day-care center, help with building projects, work on organic farms, take part in environmental conservation, and a variety of other projects,” said Christian Clark, a program adviser with Projects Abroad, in an email message. “With about 10,000 participants a year, most age groups are represented at any time.’”

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Black Meetings & Tourism November, 2013, Black Meetings & Tourism, United States

“Volunteers Needed In The Philippines For Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief”

“Projects Abroad's Disaster Relief project in the Philippines will focus on areas in the northern part of Cebu Island close to the typhoon's path, including Bogo City, Tabogan, and San Remigio, all of which have been affected by the typhoon.”

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The Gleaner November, 2013, The Gleaner, Jamaica

“Showin' some love 'n' gettin' 'Dirty' ... Volunteers visit and clean infirmary”

"’The residents were appreciative of the care and attention given to them; many have grown accustomed to the loving care of volunteers who are placed here. Companies like Projects Abroad help us fulfil the mandate of the institution to cater to the total well-being of the residents,’"

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Three Village Patch September, 2013, Three Village Patch, United States

“'Projects Abroad' Takes Ward Melville Grad to Mongolia and Back”

"’We shadowed doctors and got to learn about the health care and medical system within the main capital," he said, adding that he got to experience close-up observations of a gall bladder removal surgery as well as surgeries on an eye, heart and prostate. He noted that the country's health care system ‘is very understaffed.’"

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Jamaica Observer September, 2013, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica

“Scholarships, bursaries from Projects Abroad”

“’We believe in helping where help is needed, whether it is needed by an individual, an organisation or an entire community. We respond to the needs as effectively as we can with our abilities and our resources,’ said Projects Abroad Jamaica Country Director Dr Bridgette Barrett.”

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Money Talks News August, 2013, Money Talks News, United States

“You’re Retired? How to Volunteer Overseas“

“Where you go and what you’ll be doing on your volunteer vacation depends on your own interests and skills. You can find opportunities in dozens of countries, from Poland to Peru. You might be able to tap into the skills you’ve honed in your professional life, or choose something that simply appeals to you…Another site we recommend is Projects Abroad.”

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College Recruiter August, 2013, College Recruiter, United States

“5 Reasons to be a Medical Intern Abroad”

“As an international volunteer you will have a valuable role to play in your host community. You will work alongside local colleagues, join service projects and public health initiatives, and participate in international exchange. Projects Abroad medical interns get involved with outreach activities to bring access to healthcare to local communities.”

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The Hindu August, 2013, The Hindu, India

“A Different Project for Madurai Corporation School Students”

“’There is a new environment created here for these students when the volunteers visit. Their English improves the more they converse with the volunteers and their awareness is enhanced, thanks to the exposure.’ The students share experiences with the volunteers.”

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Hendrix College July, 2013, Hendrix College, United States

“Foreign Service”

“Gretchen McCarthy, a sophomore from St. Louis, Mo., taught French and English this summer to children in Saint Louis, Senegal. McCarthy worked as a volunteer for a month in a care center that offered classes to children who do not attend school. Her project was part of the Projects Abroad program. A French and Spanish double major, her project goals were to figure out if she truly wanted to pursue a career in education and to push herself out of her comfort zone."

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Modern Ghana June, 2013, Modern Ghana, Ghana

“Projects Abroad supports Old Fadama”

“Representatives from Projects Abroad, a volunteer-sending organisation, met the chiefs of the Old Fadama community yesterday in an effort to facilitate their outreach work in the Agboloshie market area. Projects Abroad volunteers started a medical outreach programme and a human rights advocacy programme at Old Fadama in April 2012, working in partnership with the Women in Slums Economic Empowerment, a non-governmental organisation based at Agboloshie.”

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The Gleaner June, 2013, The Gleaner, Jamaica

“Home Sweet Home”

“Seventy-one-year-old Rudalph Johnson’s life was given a big lift when he was given his lifelong dream of having a home of his own. It is something that he had been hoping and praying about for many years. Projects Abroad, a United States-based organisation, is building a new house for Johnson on his property located at Belbie district, Robins Hall, Manchester. This will enable him to move out of the one-room board shack he has been living in for the last seven years into a new and far more comfortable house.”

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Modern Ghana June, 2013, Modern Ghana, Ghana

“Projects Abroad supports 400 kids”

“About 440 vulnerable children from four deprived communities in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region have benefited from free registration of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The beneficiary communities are Kwakokrom, Atobrakrom, Nsiana-Kaniago and Abodom-Domi. Projects Abroad, an NGO working to restore dignity to vulnerable children by providing them medical care and education, gave the underprivileged children the chance to access health care free of charge.”

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Chicago3Media May, 2013, Chicago3Media, United States

“Projects Abroad Celebrates Volunteers Everywhere This Week”

“During this year's National Volunteer Week, Projects Abroad has a total of 993 volunteers working internationally, teaching English and helping take care of children, or even assisting local doctors on medical projects in hospitals and clinics worldwide. Volunteers from 26 nationalities will collectively work 29,790 hours over the course of the week, working in 28 different countries in all four hemispheres.”

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Los Angeles Times April, 2013, Los Angeles Times, United States

“Projects Abroad gives teens a chance to lend a hand”

“From childcare to medical internships, Projects Abroad offers high school students an opportunity to travel and help nurture a community in another country. This year about 1,000 students from around the world will volunteer through Projects Abroad's High School Special program. ”

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Northeastern News April, 2013, Northeastern News, United States

“Co-op in African classroom transforms student’s career outlook”

“Fontaine trav¬eled to Ethiopia last fall with Projects Abroad, a com¬mer¬cial vol¬un¬teer travel orga¬ni¬za¬tion that places stu¬dents in 30 coun¬tries world¬wide. While in Addis Ababa, Fontaine worked in a kinder-garten class¬room with 35 four– to eight-year-old chil¬dren, who taught her just as much as she taught them.”

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Jamaica Observer April, 2013, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica

“Projects Abroad Reaches Out to Elderly St Elizabeth Resident”

“Having been made aware of Witter’s living conditions, Projects Abroad’s assistant country director and desk officer, Cherricha Jacobs, rose to the forefront of efforts to extend the support that he was receiving from the ‘good Samaritans’ in his community. ‘We decided that if we can sleep comfortably, Bill should sleep comfortably. Projects Abroad UK gave the go-ahead to do the project and provided funding (to build the house),’ country director Dr Bridgette Barrett told the gathering of local and international volunteers and curious onlookers at the handover.”

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Digital Journal April, 2013, Digital Journal, United Kingdom

“Projects Abroad Looking for Much Needed Medical Volunteers”

Zadia's story is a beacon of hope, but for many people in Africa healthcare, is still dangerously out of reach. From grandparents such as Zadia to tiny babies, many are in desperate need of help. As well as the assistance provided from governments through overseas aid, many more Africans can be helped by volunteers with organisations such as Projects Abroad Ireland (

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The Impact March, 2013, The Impact, United States

"Alternative Spring Break: Beyond Beaches and Body Shots"

"Alternative spring breakers might come back with a different set of stories than their beach-going peers, but they are no less memorable. Based on her experience in Costa Rica, Hart recommends diving in. ‘I would tell anyone who is considering alternative spring break to just go for it, because it will change your attitude towards any new experience you will encounter thereafter.’"

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Motherhood Moments February, 2013, Motherhood Moments, United States

"Caring Causes: Projects Abroad"

"Projects Abroad has opened a year-round office in Cebu City, with full-time support staff to coordinate projects and offer 24-hour backup to volunteers. Volunteers can help with childcare at orphanages and day care centers, teach English in public schools, and assist medical staff in local hospitals. While the minimum commitment to volunteer in the Philippines is one month, volunteers can start anytime and choose their own duration."

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Motherhood Mindfully December, 2012, Motherhood Mindfully, United States

"Caring Causes: Projects Abroad"

"While in Argentina, Nicole volunteered at a children's home. ‘For Christmas,’ she says, ‘I asked my parents to please tell my family that instead of buying me Christmas presents that I will open a month late, could they please give me the money so that I could spend it on presents for the children, and so this is what I did.’"

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Northampton Chronicle November, 2012, Northampton Chronicle, The United Kingdom

"Volunteer Tells of Eight Week Fiji Experience"

"I would recommend this company to anyone, of any age or background. My fellow volunteers were managing directors, chartered accountants, sixth formers, graduates and teachers back home, from places such as Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia. This trip was the best decision I ever made, and it has given me the impetus to volunteer and travel again. I arrived in Fiji with little, I came back home with so much more than I had bargained for."

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Chicago3Media October, 2012, Chicago3Media, The United States

"Alternative Spring Break Trips Projects Abroad Adds New Program in Jamaica"

"’Since we started running the Alternative Spring Break Trips a few years ago, we have seen a tremendous interest from students all over the country,’ says Thomas Pastorius, Jr., Vice President of Projects Abroad. ‘Volunteering abroad is a growing trend among young students looking to give back and do something worthwhile over their short spring breaks. We are excited to offer additional programs to help allow more of these motivated and compassionate students to achieve this goal and serve local communities abroad.’"

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The Telegraph August, 2012, The Telegraph, United Kingdom

"Gap year case studies: archaeology in Peru"

"I had just got the offer of a place and so the archaeology project appealed. It was a choice between Peru or Romania and I chose Peru because Romania was a bit too close to home. I originally only intended to stay for two months but ended up staying for eight. I didn’t want to go home!"

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Campus Circle August, 2012, Campus Circle, United States

"Volunteers Needed in Samoa"

"For those who vacation there, the Pacific Island nation of Samoa is a paradise. But the country is also on the U.N.’s list of least-developed nations, and there is a great need amongst some of the islanders, especially in the main city, Apia. Now Projects Abroad, a global leader in short-term volunteer programs, has added Samoa to the already lengthy list of countries in which they operate. Students interested in volunteer work in Samoa would primarily be assisting with education and childcare in schools and care centers."

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Chicago3Media Fall, 2012, Chicago3Media, United States

"Volunteers Needed on Microfinance Project in Senegal"

"It was a delight to see the faces of the Talibés living in grueling poverty listening to an opportunity of a life-time being presented to them,’ says Max Wieland, who recently completed time on the Microfinance project in Senegal, an experience he calls ‘genuinely remarkable.’ ‘I distinctly remember one Talibé coming into the office to have his interview with the biggest smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes, merely delighted at the opportunity he now has,’ Wieland continues. ‘I was so pleased to be involved in shaping and realizing his dreams and ambitions."

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Digital Journal August, 2012, Digital Journal, United Kingdom

"Skilled volunteers prove their mettle in rescue of Ghanaian child trafficking victims"

"Volunteers came from a range of countries and with a range of experience. Patrice Van Zimmerman, from the Netherlands, is a professional counselor and therapist, professions that are not common in Ghana. She was keen to emphasize that, as well as sharing her skills, she also learned a lot in her time as a volunteer. ‘I have been lucky to work with the children involved in this particular rescue campaign and local professionals, whose work to stamp out trafficking will be ongoing,’ said Patrice. ‘My training meant I was able to bond with the children and speak to them about their trauma – as well as help them with their homework! In the months that I’ve been here I’ve noticed that there are things people in Ghana know or do better than we do in Europe, so for me it has worked as an exchange. The experience gave me the feeling that I really can make a difference."

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GoodNet July, 2012, GoodNet, United States

"10 of the Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations"

"Projects Abroad is one of the more large-scale volunteer abroad organizations out there; it matches volunteers with a tremendous range of projects worldwide. According to their website, they cater to volunteers aged from 16 to 75; as it turns out, there's a growing interest in volunteer abroad projects among retirees and career breakers."

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Brandeis Now June, 2012, Brandeis Now, United States

"Student who never traveled founds arts NGO in Ghana"

"Jessye Kass had never left the country before going to Ghana during a gap semester before entering Brandeis. The experience inspired her in lasting ways. Teaching English at an orphanage with the organization Projects Abroad, Kass, now a rising senior, saw firsthand how children struggled to learn in the poverty-stricken area. She knew she would return to Ghana, and that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children there. Her philosophy is that every child deserves art and a safe environment in which to learn. With Sorensen Fellowship and seed grants, Kass teamed up with Ghanaian artist Serge Clottey, whom she met at the orphanage, to co-found the Attukwei Art Foundation. The non-governmental organization aims to educate children about the world around them through art and to provide therapeutic arts programs. It has so far operated in a handful of the poorest schools and its board – on which Clottey serves as president and Kass as vice president – hopes to expand to serve HIV/AIDS communities and children who have suffered abuse."

read the full article June, 2012,, United States

"Travel Tip: Teen Voluntourism"

"Volunteer vacations aren’t just for grown-up with professional skills. There are programs out there designed specifically for teens where they can work with local communities and get a great experience of a lifetime."

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Digital Journal June, 2012, Digital Journal, United Kingdom

"As stats show recession-related increase in career breaks, Projects Abroad PRO director says volunteering demonstrates personal qualities and boosts CVs and confidence"

"Placements in fields such as business development, engineering and human rights often attract volunteers with quite a lot of experience,’ said Scott. ‘People travel more than they did in the 70s and 80s and there’s a sense that the world is a smaller place. But in some countries it’s not a ‘fair’ place. Volunteers want to put their experience and expertise into practice where the benefits of their input will be real and tangible. If they’re between jobs, it also gives them an opportunity to show how proactive, flexible and, ultimately, employable they are."

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Jamaica Observer May, 2012, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica

"Projects Abroad gets support from 'partners' in Manchester"

"Three organizations in Manchester have taken the lead in partnering with non-government (NGO) body, Projects Abroad, in promoting HIV/AIDS awareness as they embark on plans to build a related facility for children in central Jamaica. Northern Caribbean University (NCU), the Greenvale Community — through its taxi operators and football team — and Morrison's Variety Store have made their input by adopting the project for different months.Manchester High School Cadets march for the Immunitiative Project recently.The residential facility for children with HIV/AIDS to be built in Manchester by Projects Abroad is being promoted as the place where they will be able to REST (Restore Empower Serve Train). Projects Abroad Jamaica, through what is referred to as an 'immunitiative project', aims to provide an ‘ideal’ environment in Belretiro, Manchester for about 40 children living with HIV/AIDS."

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Campus Circle February, 2012, Campus Circle, The United States

"Rock Out in Colorado, Count Hippos in Uganda and More"

"The international volunteer organization Projects Abroad is celebrating 20 years of global service in 2012. Over eight thousand people have volunteered their time on Project Abroad’s service projects in 27 developing countries around the world, where they’ve helped care for disadvantaged children, taught in public schools, interned in hospitals, helped protect fragile ecosystems, built homes, assisted small businesses and much more."

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Yorkshire Post February, 2012, Yorkshire Post, The United Kingdom

"Grey pound joins the queue for a gap year with purpose"

"A desire for life-changing travel experiences has seen teenagers heading off to every corner of the globe, and the same impulse is now fuelling the travel market that serves the older age group…’While younger people still take the majority of our placements, we are getting a lot of older volunteers going away,’ says Ian Birbeck, marketing manager for gap year and volunteering company Projects Abroad. ‘We had one chap whose son was doing a teaching course in China, so he decided to go to Romania to teach kids. It was a case of: ‘Well... if the kids are doing it, let me have an opportunity’."

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Forbes February, 2012, Forbes, The United States

"Volunteer to Juice Your Career"

"Got a bad case of the ‘Why am I working here?’ midwinter blahs? Feeling stuck in a career rut? The solution might just be found in a corporate volunteer program. Less expensive than a fancy vacation and more invigorating than a spa day, these programs can make you feel better about yourself, look more kindly upon your employer, expand your professional network, and discover new meaning in your career."

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Canton Patch December, 2011, Canton Patch, The United States

"Canton High School Students Set Sights on Ghana"

"Since 2008, members of a service club at Canton High School have sought to "Be the Change" through local actions, but next summer six students plan to make a global impact with a service trip to Ghana. Through Projects Abroad, three seniors, one junior and two sophomores in the Be the Change Club and adviser Jen Gembala will work at an orphanage to improve the conditions of the building and the morale of the children through reading, play and song."

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Female First December, 2011, Female First, The United Kingdom

"Give some hands-on help to Aids orphans"

"The fact that it is World Aids Day today may not make much of an impact on most people in the UK, where HIV is ‘yesterday’s news’ – however the world’s largest volunteering organisation, Projects Abroad, has used the occasion to offer Britons the chance to take a break in Jamaica to help out at a new facility for orphans living with HIV/Aids."

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"World AIDS Day"

"Today is World AIDS Day, a day in which people unite in the fight against HIV / AIDS and a day in which people commemorate those who have died…For those of you looking to make a difference on your gap year, Projects Abroad are looking for volunteers to help out in a new facility for orphans living with HIV / AIDS in Jamaica"

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The San Francisco Chronicle November, 2011, The San Francisco Chronicle, The United States

"Voluntouring offers new way to experience Mexico"

"A volunteer vacation is one of the best ways for a habitual sun-and-fun vacationer to break out of the rut; for a first-timer, it's a safe and rewarding introduction to the Mexico that exists in the real world, outside the all-inclusive resorts' walls…Projects Abroad: Widely varied programs in Mexico that can be as short as one week, along with excellent reviews, put this one at the top of the list."

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ESPN September, 2011, ESPN, The United States

"Reaching goals for Dayton to Togo"

"If Kelsey Miller was inclined toward the easy route, she wouldn't have followed in the footsteps of older brothers who set the bar almost impossibly high on the soccer field…And if she put more stock in the volume of her words than the content of her actions, a lifelong dream of traveling to Africa would have remained something that sounded nice in a bio. She would not have put aside soccer last summer to volunteer in the overcrowded and underfunded hospitals and orphanages of the African nation of Togo. Thankfully for her Dayton teammates, she is who she is. Fortunately for the world beyond in places like Togo, that means there are few limits on who she can become."

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The Guardian August, 2011, The Guardian, The United Kingdom

"The gap year goes professional"

"More gappers than ever are aiming to spend time constructively to boost their careers. The gap year is going professional. If that sounds dull, think again. With a bit of imagination and planning you can organise a gap year that is both memorable AND a valuable first step on the career ladder. Here's how..."

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Modern Ghana August, 2011, Modern Ghana, Ghana

"Projects Abroad Donates To Toase Hospital"

"Projects Abroad Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has donated assorted hospital equipment worth GHc1000 to the Nkawie-Toase Government Hospital in the Atwima Nwabiagya District of the Ashanti region. The items which were presented last Tuesday included two delivery sets, 20 mosquito nets, eight artery forceps and five bicycle covers."

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The New York Times July, 2011, The New York Times, The United States

"Learn a Language While You Volunteer"

"Travelers with an interest in learning Amharic, Ewe, Patois or Mandarin can sign up for the new language programs offered by Projects Abroad in Ethiopia, Togo, Jamaica and China, respectively."

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A Traveler's Library July, 2011, A Traveler's Library, The United States

"Discover Inca Secrets in Peru"

"100 years ago, Hiram Bingham rediscovered the lost Inca City of Machu Picchu and almost instantaneously he and National Geographic magazine moved this Wonder of the New World into top spot on everyone's 'must do' travel list. How would you like to make discoveries of your own in Peru? Projects Abroad sponsors the Inca Project, where volunteers work on archaeology projects mapping Inca ruins, or live with a Peruvian family while they work on Community Development Projects."

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Auburn Pub July, 2011, Auburn Pub, The United States

"Medical student from Owasco gains valuable field experience in Ghana"

"Nicholas Leader returned June 20 from a month-long trip to Cape Coast, Ghana, where he volunteered at the regional hospital and a leprosy village…'It was incredible; I learned more over there than I could have over here, because we were able to actually get close to the patients and perform some of the tasks.'"

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Crikey June, 2011, Crikey, Australia

"From free man to slave: walking through the 'door of no return'"

"Projects Abroad volunteer Claire Chaffey writes about her trip to a slave castle in Ghana."

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The Huffington Post May, 2011, The Huffington Post, The United States

"9 Travel Experiences to Get You Inspired and Energized"

"Ready to give back? Here is the perfect opportunity to give of your time and energy. You'll work outside Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, with schools located in small towns along the western coast. Projects Abroad can place you in a coastal village school or at a school in the hills for the children of tea planters. Some of the schools are close to the beach; some are even based in temples."

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SABC May, 2011, SABC, South Africa


Projects Abroad South Africa's Alyssa Myers is interviewed on SABC 3's Expresso.

Watch the video
Parents Countdown to College Coach May, 2011, Parents Countdown to College Coach, The United States

"Projects Abroad's Volunteer Opportunities for Students"

"Instead of choosing to spend their summers lifeguarding or in an unfulfilling office internship, students are opting to spend their summers making a difference in the global community by volunteering abroad. Projects Abroad, a leading international volunteer placement organization, offers a wide variety of summer internship opportunities and special two-week high school programs in developing countries around the world."

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The Gleaner May, 2011, The Gleaner, Jamaica

77-year-old gives praise for renovated home

"The sense of peace of having a good roof over one's head is something that every individual dreams of in life. This helps to understand the joy felt by 77-year-old widow Cassinia Smith, as she witnessed the work done by volunteers on her two-bedroom house in Clarkes Town, Manchester, on Friday."

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Eco-Adventurer May, 2011, Eco-Adventurer, The United States

"Voluntourism Cambodia"

"This week we wanted to highlight one of our favorite Voluntourism companies, Projects Abroad.  Pioneering conservation and research activities are at the forefront of protecting and researching diverse marine environments and Project Abroad doesn't just stop at the well known diving locales, but also at the smaller lesser known beaches… like those in Cambodia"

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The Career Break Site April, 2011, The Career Break Site, The United Kingdom

"Interview with Projects Abroad"

"We sat down Ian Birbeck, Recruitment Director at Projects Abroad, and Scott Macquarrie, Director at Projects Abroad PRO, for a chat. Projects Abroad is a volunteer-sending organisation, and PRO is its sister company which recruits volunteers with professional skills. We wanted to know what it's really like working for a volunteer organisation, and what myths they would dispel. Some of what they say may surprise you."

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Jamaica Observer April, 2011, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica

"A-Plus for Volunteerism"

"'It's a great experience. The kids have so much energy,' he said with a laugh. Treleaven is one of hundreds of overseas volunteers who have travelled to Jamaica to serve worthy causes and experience Jamaican culture since 2008, thanks to Projects Abroad."

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The National April, 2011, The National, The United Arab Emirates

"Schoolgirls' trip to help Ghana orphans"

"'We're going to be active teachers' assistants as a support for the kids,' said Natasha. 'We want to allow them to have fun because there aren't many people there to give them comfort.' The classmates will help build and paint a local orphanage, help children with their homework and work with them at different care centres."

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Breaking Travel News March, 2011, Breaking Travel News, The United Kingdom

"Projects Abroad provides support to fleeing refugees"

"Since the fighting resumed in the Ivory Coast last month and political tension continues to grow, Projects Abroad, the international volunteering company is announcing that it is providing care to over 2000 registered refugees that have fled to the Western region of Ghana."

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Grand Traverse Insider March, 2011, Grand Traverse Insider, The United States

"Active 'Alternative'"

"Increasingly, as spring break approaches, the term "Alternative" is seen lumped in with those words. What does this mean? It means that a week that once was responsible for the death of billions of brain cells is now a time devoted to bettering humankind, specifically by college students; but the idea has caught on throughout every age bracket."

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AFAR March, 2011, AFAR, The United States

"Help Kids on These Other Trips Worth Taking"

"Near the town of Wadduwa, on Sri Lanka's southwestern coast, Projects Abroad has set up a computer center. The program offers free, three-month courses in information technology to children in the community."

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Manhattan Bride March, 2011, Manhattan Bride, The United States

"Projects Together"

"Eric and I had never volunteered outside of North America but I always had a dream about volunteering in Africa. Several agencies offered volunteer trips, but Projects Abroad answered all our questions and was really helpful. I called repeatedly because I had so many questions. Their 24-hour on-site staff and the global awareness of the organization made us feel safe and secure.'"

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Education Today March, 2011, Education Today, The United States

"Discover the world during spring break and give back"

"Some college students have opted to study abroad while in college. Volunteering abroad takes that cultural experience to a completely different level. Opting to do it during spring break adds an even broader scope to the benefits: you utilize that week to enhance the lives of others. Volunteer, live with a host family, and sneak in the sights, all in a week. Instead of the typical spring break souvenirs, you will come home with unforgettable life-changing experiences and memories that last a lifetime."

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Varsity March, 2011, Varsity, The United Kingdom

"Project People"

"Travelling to exciting and far-flung destinations is certainly an enriching and unforgettable experience, but I wanted to take away something that would help me in the future. For this reason, I decided to take a French language course in Morocco with Projects Abroad...It's a unique opportunity to be thrown together with people from all over the world who all want to experience this modern yet traditional culture firsthand."

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Worth February, 2011, Worth, The United States

"Falling into the Gap"

"One of the best decisions I ever made was to take a year off from my otherwise full-speed-ahead education to live in rural Thailand for a year...Gap years - a year between high school and college - are becoming increasingly popular among American teenagers."

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Los Angeles Times February, 2011, Los Angeles Times, The United States

"Tours & Cruises"

"College students who want to see their time used for good might consider Projects Abroad's weeklong 'Alternative Spring Break Trips.' The excursion to Jamaica involves rebuilding impoverished sectors of Manchester Parish, where many have lost their homes to hurricanes. No construction experience is required, and volunteers stay with host families. The experience ends with an excursion to a beach or waterfall."

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Peter Greenberg Worldwide February, 2011, Peter Greenberg Worldwide, The United States

"Travel Tip: New Study Abroad Programs"

"I always say, 'Never let school get in the way of your education.' Well, these days, there are programs that get students out of the classroom, and into the real world...With Projects Abroad's new water sanitation initiative, volunteers can help install water tanks, pumps and pipes at an orphanage in Bolivia. This program follows the success of a similar project they started last year in Tanzania."

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BBC February, 2011, BBC, The United Kingdom

"Would you do voluntary work on your honeymoon?"

"'Honeyteering' is where just-married couples volunteer for a worthy cause in the developing world, rather than the indulgent two weeks on a beach. A growing trend in the United States, it is relatively new in the UK...It has already become commonplace for the bride and groom to ask guests to donate to a charity rather than give presents. The logical extension is for the happy couple to give up their time on honeymoon helping a worthy cause, says Dr Peter Slowe, founder of volunteering firm Projects Abroad."

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"Volunteer Abroad for Spring Break 2011 With 'Projects Abroad'"

"Volunteering abroad is a fantastic, life-altering experience: the travel, the opportunity to help someone else, the new knowledge about you and your place in the world are invaluable results. Volunteering abroad is a big commitment, though, and the planning and research can seem daunting. Here's a solution: try it out by volunteering abroad for spring break. One week. No big commitment. Perfect."

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Carolina Bride January, 2011, Carolina Bride, The United States

"Something New"

"For the adventurous couple, take advantage of your honeymoon to bond with each other and do something great in the world. With Projects Abroad, choose from over 100 projects in 26 countries to get a truly gratifying honeymoon experience"

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Southern Bride January, 2011, Southern Bride, The United States

"Projects Abroad 'Honeyteer'"

"Instead of spending their honeymoon lounging on the beach or being cooped up in a stuffy hotel room, newlyweds can now celebrate by giving back! A 'Honeyteer,' a honeymoon spent volunteering, is the perfect way to start a new life with your spouse or partner. Projects Abroad offers over 100 projects in 26 countries worldwide and can give newlyweds a unique and gratifying honeymoon experience."

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ShermansTravel January, 2011, ShermansTravel, The United States

"Interview with Projects Abroad Volunteer Katie Grott"

"Instead of doing something on your own, you have the support of Projects Abroad. I felt safe from the minute I boarded the plane to the minute I returned to America. While in Romania, I talked to people who actually lived in Brasov and could tell me where to go and what to see. My time there, though brief, was really well utilized. I gained a real sense of the culture, because I became a part of it instead of just vacationing in it."

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The Guardian January, 2011, The Guardian, The United Kingdom

"Inspiring holidays for 2011"

"With its brutal history of apartheid and colonialism, there can be few better places than South Africa to get involved in campaigning for human rights. Projects Abroad has short-term placements in Cape Town which give volunteers the opportunity to work alongside respected humanitarian organisations, while gaining first-hand experience of human rights law in practice."

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Dorcet Echo January, 2011, Dorcet Echo, The United Kingdom

"Africa mission for Nothe Tavern pair"

"Merryn James, 19, and Stacey Hobday, 25, who work at the Nothe Tavern in Weymouth, are travelling to Ghana to volunteer at orphanages and day centres. The trip, organised by Projects Abroad, will see the pair depart in August for Accra, where they will live and work for six weeks...Stacey said: 'Although I think this experience will be very hard-going emotionally, I am very excited to be part of such a life-changing and rewarding project.'"

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Taranaki Daily News December, 2010, Taranaki Daily News, New Zealand

"Cambodia no cruise for Tara"

"Tara Morrison is packing insect repellent and sunscreen this summer – but not for a trip to the beach. Instead, Ms Morrison is travelling to Cambodia to volunteer her services as an occupational therapist. The 22-year-old has just finished her honours thesis while working at Taranaki Base Hospital, and is ready for a new challenge. The trip to Cambodia became a reality when she got in touch with Projects Abroad, a volunteering organisation."

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Travelmag December, 2010, Travelmag, The United Kingdom

"Volunteering for a very different Christmas"

"I chose to go away with Projects Abroad because it is the largest (and probably best) organiser of overseas volunteering and the staff really does its best to match volunteers' skills to the needs of the partner organisations abroad. My sister volunteered in Ghana and she highly recommended the whole experience with Projects Abroad."

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Travel+Leisure December, 2010, Travel+Leisure, The United States

"Best Places for a Sabbatical"

"Budding archaeologists can help unearth mysteries in the ancient city of Dacia (now Deva), located in the medieval environs of Transylvania—the place where the brutal ruler Vlad the Impaler first inspired the Dracula legend. Through this multiweek program with Projects Abroad, you can work with Romania's Museum of History to conduct digs and restore ruins across several sites."

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"11 интересных волонтерских программ, в которых можно принять участие"

"В Гане — несмотря на то, что по западноафриканским меркам это весьма развитая страна — все еще очень высока смертность, которая вкупе с высокой рождаемостью дает огромное количество детей-сирот. Квалифицированные специалисты с опытом работы приветствуются, но всё, что нужно, чтобы помочь, — это жажда деятельности, любовь к детям и готовность к тяжелому труду."

["Ghana is a well developed country according to West African standards, but still the death rate and birth rate are very high that give rise to many orphans in this country. Qualified specialists are welcomed, but all that is needed is to love the children and be willing to work hard."]

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The New York Times August, 2010, The New York Times, The United States

"Frequent Flier"

"I am the last business traveler who actually loves flying and airports. I always try and take a slightly different route when I go places, and I even plan all my trips in great detail. I've really learned to keep everything in perspective relative to travel. I must because I've had so many bizarre and sometimes wonderful experiences."

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Campus Circle August, 2010, Campus Circle, The United States

"Trips and Tips for Fall and Beyond"

"Forget trick-or-treating if you're volunteering in Peru over Halloween; you'll be playing a traditional game involving not-so-hard-boiled eggs instead. Your Christmas in Fiji will be "bright" not "white" and Christmas in Ethiopia, celebrated in January, might entail the sharing of a dish of ox stew. If you'd like to volunteer overseas and can take at least two weeks off from your studies, find a list of opportunities at"

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USA Today August, 2010, USA Today, The United States

"Working Vacations in Europe"

"Whether you're a student looking for a dynamic Eastern European internship or a working professional in need of a breath of fresh air, Projects Abroad has opportunities to help you advance your career…Professionals in business development, culture and media, education, engineering, environment, human rights, medical and social work fields acquire unpaid projects that may lead to overseas career placements."

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Mother Nature Network August, 2010, Mother Nature Network, The United States

"Destination of the week: Phnom Penh, Cambodia"

Cambodia can be a hard place to relax. Walk the streets of Phnom Penh, its capital, and you'll see beggars whose signs say they were victimized by the Khmer Rouge, a brutal Communist regime that according to the New York Times killed or caused the death of 1.7 million people between 1975 and 1979. Barefoot children ask for money in cafés. Wander the city's darker side streets and you'll feel mildly sketched out.

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The Boston Globe May, 2010, The Boston Globe, The United States

"Globe-trotting: Take a volunteer vacation in Tanzania"

"Wendy Tisdell, a director at BridgIT, guided the [Water and Sanitation] program in Jamaica last year and is doing likewise in Tanzania this summer. She is a former Projects Abroad volunteer whose experience inspired her to use her professional skills and give communities around the world a chance to access clean water"

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WNWR-AM April, 2010, WNWR-AM, The United States

"Dining and Destinations"

Dr. Peter Slowe talks about Projects Abroad's volunteer opportunities

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USA Today April, 2010, USA Today, The United States

"Volunteer Tourism in Peru"

"Volunteer tourism in Peru is one of the most rewarding ways to see different parts of the country while doing some good at the same time...Not only is volunteer tourism relatively inexpensive in Peru, it also makes much needed contributions toward protecting the environment and assisting Peruvian citizens living in poverty."

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Afar April, 2010, Afar, The United States

"Trips Worth Taking"

"Hurricanes Dean and Gustav tore through the Caribbean island of Jamaica in 2007 and 2008, leaving many houses water-damaged or completely destroyed. Volunteer organization Projects Abroad, together with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, is dedicated to rebuilding more than 40 homes in the parish of Saint Ann, on the island's northern coast."

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CNN March, 2010, CNN, The United States

"Haiti quake sparks interest in 'voluntourism"

"When the going gets tough, the compassionate get going. The January earthquake in Haiti prompted a spike in interest in service vacations, sometimes called "voluntourism," several organizations reported it received 46 percent more applications than expected since the earthquake."

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PhysOrg February, 2010, PhysOrg, The United States

"Learning sustainability from the rainforest"

"Kennedy lived a few hours outside of Puerto Maldonado, a city in Southeastern Peru, shacking up in a bungalow made of wood and mosquito netting...It didn't take him long to get accustomed to the Amazonian lifestyle. 'I felt at home within a few days,' he says. 'We don't necessarily need all the stuff that we have.'"

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The Irish Times February, 2010, The Irish Times, Ireland

"On a foreign mission"

"I'd always wanted to do something like this," he says. "My group was building a childcare centre for parents who couldn't afford childminding, while many other volunteers were teaching." Brian travelled with Projects Abroad, an international organisation that arranges volunteer work for school and university students and professionals."

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Dolly Magazine January 2010, Dolly Magazine, Australia

"I Volunteered in West Africa"

"My two-month trip to Ghana with Projects Abroad was a graduation, Christmas and birthday present from my parents, where I'd volunteer at an orphanage and then in a hospital.

Volunteering made me realise how lucky I am. I'd definitely love to volunteer overseas again..."

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Hearld Sun December 2009, Hearld Sun, Australia

"Young travellers go native"

"From its first Australian volunteer in 2003, Projects Abroad now places 600 [editor's note: this number refers to the amount of Australian volunteers only] people a year in two week to nine month placements in schools, children's homes and orphanages in countries including Peru and Nepal."

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Ok! Magazine November 2009, Ok! Magazine, the United States

"Explore like a star and do a world of good"

"Follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie -- and make a difference -- by taking a volunteer vacation with Projects Abroad, which sends 6,000 people a year to 25 fascinating countries."

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Centerville-Washington Township Times October 2009, Centerville-Washington Township Times, the United States

"CHS senior starts charity for orphange"

"Breanne McGowan, a senior at Centerville High School, went to Ghana the first two weeks of August for a two-week immersion program for 16-19 year-olds with Projects Abroad...She and several other teens *mostly from the UK, Canada, and France) volunteered for projects with the 57 orphans at Cape Coast's Outreach Orphanage and Evangelical International Mission (OOEIM). They painted the orphanage, played football (soccer), and swam with the children."

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The Hearld Sun July 2009, The Hearld Sun, Australia

"A world of good"

"Projects Abroad Australia is one of several commercial organisations offering a smorgsabord of volunteering opportunities..."

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Inside Track June 2009, Inside Track, the United Kingdom

"Leading from the Front Line"

"David....decided to use funds set aside under the programme to travel to South Africa for a month-long stint as a volunteer with Projects Abroad -- an organisation that runs benevolent projects overseas."

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Glamour Magazin May 2009, Glamour Magazine, the United Kingdom

"Do something useful with your time"

"Surely volunteering is mainly a student gig? 'Actually, women taking career breaks, perhaps due to redundancy, are the fastest growing group of volunteers. And it doesn't just appeal to philanthropists, but women wanting to improve their skills or to see the world in a safe environment.'"

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Taipei Times April 2009, Taipei Times

"Recession helps boost guilt-free tourism industry"

"Projects Abroad, which runs volunteer programs overseas, said bookings were up 20 percent this February from February last year, with some of the travelers recently laid off, but others simply looking for vacations that involve service. Options range from teaching soccer in Moldova for two weeks to teaching English in Nepal for three months."

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Air France Magazine April 2009, Air France Magazine, France

"Be an ecovolunteer"

"...associations like...Projects Abroad are thriving. The projects are wide-ranging and usually run year-round...Volunteers don't need any special skills other than an open mind and an adaptable spirit."

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Florida Trend April 2009, Florida Trend, the United States

"Small Business Directors and Entrepreneurs Flee U.S. on 'Enterprise Gap Years"

"More than half of the 60% increase in older volunteers leaving on gap-years in developing countries are American small business directors and entrepreneurs, according to Projects Abroad, the world's leading commercial volunteer service organization."

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Company Magazine March 2009, Company Magazine, the United Kingdom

"traveling alone was a challenge - but got me a job back home!"

"I found out about Projects Abroad, who offer volunteering placements in rehabilition centres, on the internet and thought they sounded perfect. I could spend three months in South American while getting some overseas experience in occupational therapy...We were reassured when I was told I'd be met at the airport and given accommodation in a safe place."

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The Australian March 2009, the Australian, Australia

"Time for a CV Change"

"Projects Abroad, the largest commercial volunteer service organisation in the world with schemes in 24 countires, has experienced a big increase in the number of people wanting to give their time gratis."

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Reuters February 2009, Reuters, the United Kingdom

"Some US jobless find hope and solace as volunteers"

"Applications to Projects Abroad, a private organization that directs thousands of volunteers to developing countries, jumped 55 percent in December and nearly 50 percent in January compared to a year earlier."

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The Independent February 2009, The Independent, the United Kingdom

"An army of altruists: VSO boosted by record rise in recruits"

"Ian Birbeck, recruitment director at the global volunteering company Projects Abroad, said his organisation had introduced 1,000 extra placements this year: 'We sent about 4,000 volunteers last year, and this year we anticipate sending 5,000. We're getting a lot of calls from people who have been made redundant. We're working on developing more professional volunteering schemes so people can use their skills."

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The Times January 2009, The Times, the United Kingdom

"Mother volunteers for Romanian orphanage"

"A Borehamwood mother is giving up her job helping homeless people to spend three months working with orphans in the Romanian town of Brasov..."

" Projects Abroad uses the money raised by volunteers to fund its support staff and administration costs, as well as paying local families to host the volunteers."

"A spokesman for Projects Abroad said the company's charitable arm makes annual donations to projects around the world."

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Telegraph January 2009, The Telegraph, the United Kingdom

"Jobless Britons opt to volunteer overseas"

Projects Abroad, which runs volunteer schemes in 24 countries around the globe, recorded a 55 per cent increase in applications last month from Britons who had recently been made redundant.

"We have seen an increase in the number of people in their thirties applying", said Dr Peter Slowe, founder of the organisation. "We currently have people from all sorts of professions: welders, care workers, staff from local authority finance departments and construction workers."

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The Guardian December 2008, The Guardian, the United Kingdom

"Recession sends volunteer numbers soaring"

Projects Abroad, the biggest organiser worldwide of overseas volunteer work, has also seen a rise in inquiries in the last few weeks. "We are maintaining our normal level of student applications, but recently we've seen a noticeable increase in older people, or those with more skills and experience, getting in touch," says Dr Peter Slowe, Director of Projects Abroad."

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Travel + Leisure October 2008, Travel + Leisure, the United States

"Great Humanitarian Trips Around the World"

"Nomad Community Outreach, Mongolia: Projects Abroad volunteers help nomad families with daily tasks like herding yaks and cattle, mucking out horse and camel enclosures, and milking sheep and goats. They also produce dairy products like butter and cheese, prepare meals, and play with the communities' many children."

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CNBC Europe October 2008 CNBC Europe

"Squawk Box Europe"

Peter Slowe, Founder and Director of Projects Abroad, discusses bank capitalization and entrepreneurialism in the developing world.

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The Sakhisizwe July 2008, Bush Radio 98.3, South Africa

"Sikhisizwe - Building the Nation"

"Today we spoke to Dana Myers – from Project Abroad. We were talking about their Human Rights placements. This project gives volunteers the opportunity to work on a really worthwhile project alongside respected humanitarian organisations, whilst also gaining first hand experience of human rights law in practice."

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The Guardian June 2008, The Guardian, the United Kingdom

"Five Best…Gap Year Projects"

"Based in Ulaanbaatar, your journalism internship in print, radio or TV will give you experience in a media environment that has flourished since the introduction of democracy in 1990. You might be asked to write a column in the English section of a national paper, front a radio chat show and gain experience behind the camera, directing or presenting the news."

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Western Regional News October 2007, North American Bird Bander, the United States

"Seasonal Activity in the Bird Community of the Lower Madre de Dios River"

"La Reserva Privada 'Taricaya' is a private reserve located in the eastern margin of the lower Madre de Dios River, at an altittude of about 170 m, in the Madre de Dios Region of southeast Peru. The dynamics of seasonal activity in the birds of the under-story were investigated between Jul 2005 and May 2006 in six different habitats of varying succession that are subject to different levels of seasonal flooding."

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The San Francisco Chronicle July 2007, The San Francisco Chronicle, the United States

"Vacations Making a Difference"

"Besides a variety of service work in Guadalajara, Projects Abroad offers the opportunity to learn traditional Mexican craft techniques…'It put me in touch with my creative side, because I'm a science person. I used to be into art when I was young and, sure enough, I love it once again,' said current volunteer Marcie Roberts, of King of Prussia, Penn. Roberts also works half a day in an orphanage and says being with the kids is 'an amazing eye-opener . ... I feel like I'm making their lives a little better. I just don't know how the orphanage would function without volunteers.'"

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Newsweek January 2007, Newsweek, the United States

"The Good Life"

"Projects Abroad organizes trips to remote Mongolia, where volunteers live in ger s--large round tents--and become part of a nomadic family by helping take care of livestock like yak and cattle ( The organization also has a program in Addis Ababa where volunteers teach English in primary and secondary schools. They stay with local families and receive briefings on teaching techniques."

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Newsweek October 2006, Newsweek Kaplan Get Into College Guide, the United States

"A Tale of Two Gap Years"

"Through a gap-year company called Projects Abroad, I found a journalism internship with Shanghai's main English-language business magazine, BizShanghai. Along with 25 or so other interns around, I experienced life in one of the world's fastest-growing metropolises."

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El Diario October 2006, El Diario, the United States

"Hallan Gran Ciudad Inca Cerca Machu Picchu"

"Varios anos despues, trabajando para 'Projects Abroad' en el Valle Sagrado de los Incas, Cusco, ya casado y con familia tenia menos opotunidades para realizar mi pasatiempo favorito, sin embargo debido al trabajo que comenzo en el 2005, decidimos en el proyecto, combinar las actividades del desarollo communal, con el estudio arqueologico, asi retome las largas caminatas de exploracion.

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BBC July 2006, BBC, the United Kingdom

"Volunteering Abroad"

"They offer a diverse range of teaching, care, conservation, medical, journalism and work experience projects, plus the opportunity to become part of one of our [sic] local communities overseas."

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