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아르헨티나 사회복지 봄방학 프로젝트


정확한 날짜는 확정 예정입니다

  • 활동지역: 코르도바
  • 활동기관: 유치원
  • 역할: 현지 직원과 함께 아이들과 함께 놀아주고 숙제와 식사시간 및 기초 교육 프로그램을 돕습니다.
  • 요구사항: 없음
  • 숙소: 호스트 패밀리
  • 도착공항: 코르도바Cordoba (COR)
  • 현지언어: 스페인어

Argentina has made a lot of progress since the economic crisis of the early 2000s, but the country still faces a number of challenges as a result of severe poverty and economic inequality. Children are greatly impacted by these factors and a lack of educational and general support further limits their opportunities in life.

아르헨티나 사회복지 프로젝트 봉사자들이 유치원에서 벽화를 그려주고 있다.

As a volunteer in Argentina over the spring break, you can participate in a Care program at a kindergarten. Here, you will help with the children’s everyday care and organize creative and educational activities for them. The local staff and caregivers will appreciate your efforts and welcome any ideas you have for games and activities.

During your week abroad, you will also participate in renovation activities at the kindergarten. Giving the rooms a fresh coat of paint or adding a colourful mural to a play area will help brighten the children’s lives, long after you have returned home.

Getting involved in a Care project is ideal for Social Work, Child Development, Education, or Psychology majors looking for practical experience, or any student who wants to do meaningful and fun volunteer work over spring break. This program is also a great choice if you are studying or want to learn Spanish, and the children and local staff will be eager to communicate with you in their own language, as will your host family.

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