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아르헨티나 의료 봄방학 프로젝트


정확한 날짜는 확정 예정입니다

  • 활동지역: 코르도바
  • 역할: 전문 의료진의 진료를 참관하고 의료 지식과 경험을 얻습니다.
  • 요구사항: 없음
  • 숙소: 호스트 패밀리
  • 도착공항: 코르도바Cordoba (COR)
  • 현지언어: 스페인어

The Medicine in Argentina Alternative Spring Break Trip gives you the opportunity to observe the medical profession first hand in a developing country. Argentina shares many similarities to Europe and North America and the modern techniques used in hospitals will be relevant to students pursuing a career in the field of medicine and healthcare.

아르헨티나 사회복지 의료 봉사자가 코르도바에 있는 해부학 박물관에서 봉합술에 대해 배우고 있다.

Based at a hospital in Cordoba, you will spend the week shadowing local doctors and attending medical workshops, which will expose you to many aspects of professional medicine in practice. You will also have the chance to do practical work on an outreach, teaching children about dental hygiene. In addition, the program features a visit to an anatomy museum, a dissection class, and a medical Spanish lesson.

While you do not need to have previous medical experience to participate, this project is best for pre-med students building a resume for medical school and those studying healthcare fields such as nursing and community health who want to volunteer in a Spanish-language environment.

During your time abroad in Argentina, you will live with a local host family. They will teach you about the culture and will happily chat to you in Spanish if you want to practice. Projects Abroad staff will organize fun activities in the evenings, where you can socialize with the other volunteers. You will also have free time to explore the city.

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