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멕시코 국제개발 봄방학 프로젝트


정확한 날짜는 확정 예정입니다

  • 활동지역: 과달라하라
  • 역할: 파트너를 맺은 NGO와 협력하여 다양한 범위의 국제개발 업무를 합니다.
  • 요구사항: 없음
  • 숙소: 호스트 패밀리
  • 도착공항: Guadalajara (GDL)
  • 현지언어: 스페인어

Our International Development Project in Mexico is an opportunity for you to use your spring break to add meaningful experience to your resume and make an impact working alongside an NGO. We are partnered with four major NGOs in Guadalajara and each one is working hard to improve the country’s record in human rights and tackle issues like HIV/AIDS.

프로젝트 어브로드 국제개발 프로젝트 봉사자가 멕시코 직원과 업무관련 상담을 하고 있다.

The International Development Alternative Spring Break Trip takes place over one week. During this time, you will help support local staff at two of four NGOs: Amnesty International, Vihas de Vida, IMDEC, and FM4. Your placements will depend on your group.

zoomProjects Abroad International Development volunteer has a discussion with Mexican staff member.

You can get involved with the following activities at your placements:

  • Amnesty International – contributing to campaigns against the violation of human rights.
  • Vihas de Vida – helping those affected by HIV/AIDS by raising awareness about the virus and prevention methods.
  • IMDEC - assisting vulnerable groups and individuals to protect their communities.
  • FM4 - working with migrants who pass through Mexico on their way to the US and making sure that their basic needs are met, as well as providing legal support

You will take on an active role at both of your placements and observe first-hand how NGOs tackle important issues in local communities. One your first day, you will have a general induction to Guadalajara and then participate in a workshop with staff from the relevant NGO. After a short presentation about the organization, the local staff will explain your responsibilities. Throughout your time at the NGO, you will work under the supervision of a staff member.

Once you have finished your placement, you will spend a day on a leisure trip with the other volunteers. You will visit Tequila, a town located 60km from Guadalajara. This trip is arranged by Projects Abroad staff.

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