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Monthly Reports from 2015

Monthly report – August-September 2015

General training would be to maintain even after the volunteer who proposed this course leaves, and organize a new courses depending on women’s needs and necessity.

Monthly report – May 2015

In May we had two new volunteers. This month, we focussed on book keeping and English training for the groups. We also covered the marketing training questionnaires given by Pia, a previous volunteer from Italy.

Monthly report – April 2015

Group meetings have been constant and successful in April. We had good attendance across the board, even (surprisingly) from Tupendane. The new members are showing up regularly and seem eager to participate and learn.

Monthly report – March 2015

March saw a very short-lived influx of volunteers to the micro-finance group. Both Kristal and Pia arrived and left within the month. Although only here for a short time, both volunteers were able to quickly become acclimated and understand the different aspects of the micro finance project, which translated to them both being able to effectively contribute.

Monthly report – February 2015

One issue that arose during February was the need to continue working with certain groups that already completed repayment of their fifth loan. In order to complete the training of those groups, we devised a new document that will be used as loan applications but more closely resembles an actual business plan.

Monthly report – January 2015

January saw an influx of volunteers. This month was focused on updating the profiles of the ladies in the groups and worked on creating new training systems. We split the groups amongst ourselves and worked on training that the ladies have requested from us in the previous year.

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