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Volunteers go zip lining in Córdoba’s Hills

Our two week special volunteers who were in Argentina on a medical program are now all back home recounting tales of their time in Cordoba. One of the highlights was the middle weekend when the intrepid group were taken up into the hills outside of Cordoba.

Having spent the week visiting hospitals and seeing a variety of different departments the volunteers were ready to escape the city.

Mariana Beja from the Argentina office recounts;

“During the weekend we all visited the beautiful Villa General Belgrano. This village is a place where people who live and work in big cities go to enjoy the peace and the quiet.

We arrived on Saturday morning and after resting for a while, the whole group gathered together to make “empanadas”, a traditional Argentinean meal.

2-week group

After that, some of the volunteers, including myself and Ignacio played soccer while the rest just laid in the sun playing cards or listening to music.

In the evening we went trekking around the place, just to be in contact with nature and to take some pictures of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Córdoba.

We got up really early on Sunday! After having a great breakfast, we were ready to travel to “Peñon del Aguila” in Villa General Belgrano hills. This place is known all over Córdoba because of the great variety of activities Ignacio ready to zip-line such us zip lining, rappelling, trekking, etc. it offers.

We had a great time there, and after a German meal in the restaurant, we all went downtown where a chocolate party simulating the German traditions was being carried on.

In the early evening, there were some special performances of tango, the national dance, that all of we all enjoyed very much.

All in all, it had been a great weekend trip that will remain in our memories for a long time!”

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