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Projects Abroad Community Center Opens in Sri Lanka

Cutting the ribbon Our Sri Lanka team are proud to announce the opening of Modaravila Community Center located in Panadura.

The center was funded by two previous Projects Abroad volunteers, Rosanne van Herksen and Susanne Jongerious, and many of the volunteers in Sri Lanka have helped to paint and decorate the finished building. Staff and volunteers were invited to the opening ceremony last week.

The center is located in a tsunami resettlement area, and it is the first facility for young children in the area. Volunteers have worked on care projects in the area for several years, and volunteers will now also be able to help out at the center.

Projects Abroad’s Country Director for Sri Lanka, Mrs Shyamalee Wijesinghe, commented: ‘I greatly New Community Centre appreciate the help of our volunteers whose generosity has been invaluable to make this Community Center a reality. The main objective of this project is to provide early childhood education to the underprivileged tsunami affected children in the village. It was opened on the 2nd of April 2009 amidst a gathering of Projects abroad staff, volunteers and the local community.’

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