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Gap Years as Important as University Degrees

 Taking a Gap Year

More than half of managers across the country believe that gap years are just as important or more important as a university degree when selecting candidates for an interview.

A recent survey conducted by Projects Abroad showed that out of 253 managers in several industry sectors across the UK, only 44 percent believed that a traditional university degree is more important than gap year travel. Out of the other 56 percent, 7 percent say that a gap year is more vital when seeking potential job applicants.

These results come after the rise in university tuition fees and the prediction of a decline in students taking gap years. Managers in the HR, travel and transport and healthcare sectors are more likely to credit gap years as comparable to a degree.

Dr Peter Slowe, founder and director of Projects Abroad says: “These findings serve as a real wake-up call to anyone who ever doubted the value of overseas gap year travel. Gap years can offer great life experiences and can be hugely rewarding and I hope that this research gives some comfort to those currently contemplating the prospect.”

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